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Phabulous Phoebe

Many if not all of you will know Adam Wilson, who has been an ESW member since 2003, and who has a severe hearing impairment. For many years Adam was accompanied by an extraordinary dog, Baxter, who was a hearing assistance dog and helped Adam by alerting him to all the everyday household sounds that we all take for granted - such as alarm clock, phone, callers at the door, cooker timer and all the alarms. Before he had Baxter, Adam once got caught in a hotel fire because he didn't hear the fire alarm. Sadly, Baxter died two years ago and as well as his assistant, Adam lost a companion.

But now Adam has had good news that many of us have been asking him about, in that after a long wait a new dog has become available to him. She is Phoebe, a cocker spaniel, as shown in the photo with Adam. They start their training together in two weeks’ time, and no doubt soon after that we will start seeing them out together on our walks, initially the shorter walks.

Baxter was an honorary member of ESW for 11 years and joined us on hundreds of walks, and I would imagine that in due course Phoebe will be granted this honour as well. I am sure that all of you will be as thrilled as I am by Adam’s news and will look forward to seeing Adam and Phoebe together. For your information, Phoebe will be co-leading her first walk with Adam on Easter Sunday morning, a leisurely 4.5 mile walk from Dormans station.

Judy Brua