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Sue H's Walking Wounded Tea Party

Last month another of our Walking Wounded Tea Party’s was held, this time at Pat T’s house. Over 20 people attended and enjoyed spending a couple of hours in each other’s company while partaking of sandwiches and cake all washed down with endless cups of tea and coffee. Some of our Walking Wounded and other members may be interested in knowing the origins of this event, and Sue has written the following:

4 years ago, I suffered a knee injury, which stopped me walking for quite a while. Around that time another ESW member who lives very close had her hip replaced, we would meet up and hobble around the village on our crutches. I quipped 'We are the Walking Wounded!'.

What occurred to me was that I not only missed walking, but also meeting up with friends I had made through ESW. I knew a few other members that were unable to walk due to various health issues so I invited them round for tea which was a great success and that, I thought, was that!!!

A few months later, I was asked if I would consider doing it again. I was delighted to oblige. Due to its success it has now become an official Social Event which is held twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. It is only with the kindness, and generosity of three ESW members who "loan" me their homes, with adequate space, that are we able to continue.

Our numbers have grown and our happy band of WW look forward to meeting up with old friends over a tea or coffee, with sandwiches and cake.

We welcome new attendees who find themselves unable to manage their preferred walks. Details of WW teas are advertised on newsletters, with venue details shared direct to confirmed attendees.

Sue H