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Walk with London Blind Ramblers.

Walk with London Blind Ramblers on Sunday 13th May – Oxted

This walk will be led by Di N, who will be glad to see a good turnout of members to assist on the walk, and afterwards for tea and cakes at the British Legion. The walk will leave from Oxted Railway Station at 10:30 am – please see the programme for full details. Di would be delighted to receive cakes and people will be reimbursed if requested. Please contact Di on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone her on 01883 717800

What to expect on the walk

We meet the visually impaired people at Oxted station. There can be up to 15 or more including their helpers, some will have guide dogs or use canes, but we don’t really know until they arrive. Their walking needs are all different so we ask how they would like to be led. Most will link their arm through yours or hold on to your elbow.

We also ask if they would like verbal descriptions of the scenery etc on the walk – this can add to their enjoyment although not everyone wants this – it is all about communication.

Then usually at coffee or lunch time you swap and walk with someone different. The walk is slower than normal so people who think they can’t do 7 miles will actually be fine on this walk. We finish at the Oxted British Legion and have some cakes and tea.

It’s a very rewarding day helping the visually impaired; if we were not here to help they would not be able to walk in our beautiful countryside, so please come along and give it a go. Everyone is welcome