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A Woldingham welcome

Woldingham village recently held a Welcome Evening, aimed at those who had moved into the area in the last year or so. The idea was to provide information on the various social and study activities that are held locally and East Surrey Walkers were invited to send along some representatives. We used two banners from Ramblers Central Office and were supplied with leaflets and even some Ramblers badges which decked out our designated table.

                                       woldingham stand

We devised a competition to guess the total distance of public footpaths and bridleways in the civil parish of Woldingham, with the person whose guess was closest receiving a year’s free membership to The Ramblers. This led to us getting a steady stream of visitors and to a range of answers, ranging from 36 miles to 182 miles! (The correct answer, thanks to Richard Mascall’s research, is 17.6 miles).

The winner has been advised and is now a member of East Surrey Walkers.

Several people were interested in knowing more about the types of walks we organise, with several interested in joining and we have sent them an introductory letter. Definitely worth the effort in attending this event, many thanks to Helen McDonnell, Helen Whiteley and Tony Pearson for representing our group (see photo).