East Surrey Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

Sizzling hot weather for a sizzling BBQ.

Tony P kindly led the five mile walk prior to the event, and arrived back just in time to get a drink and find a seat before we were called to collect our food. 

Old and new faces were happily catching up, bathed in warm sunshine, and yet again Pamela and the social team did us proud with super scrummy food. Mark and Noel worked tirelessly at the BBQ making sure we all got our selection of tasty meats! 

Thank you to everyone who brought salads and puddings and a huge thank you to Rosie for providing the perfect venue - her beautiful country garden - where we nestled amongst her fruit trees. 

Well done to Antoinette for winning the draw for the leader’s prize for quarter two and receiving her gift of a bottle of wine.  

What a popular event and what a wonderful afternoon we had! 

Written by  Amanda Whitely                                           Photos by Antoinette Pearson

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