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New Website

The biggest change at present is to the Walks Programme - this is now driven entirely from the Ramblers database, although the design has been customised so that it has retained much of the visual effect that we are used to. If you are uncertain on what the colours represent, you can click on ‘Walk Grades’ just before the first displayed walk for an explanation. 

The Walks Programme also is a ‘rolling’ programme, so that once a date has passed, that walk will disappear from the Programme. Therefore it will be much easier to see the immediate forthcoming walks. There are several variations in style of the walks programme - one based on our old table format, an alternative more interactive format, and also a simplified version more suitable for printing. Do let us know which you prefer.

We hope you like it, but please report any problems you encounter to our webmaster: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.