East Surrey Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

Lead your favourite walk

If you are not already a leader for East Surrey Walkers (ESW) please step forward and take a turn.  If everyone committed to help lead a walk then we would fill our walks programme every quarter without always relying on the same leaders. Our leaders are all members of ESW and volunteer their time; they do a great job but we need more leaders. Our group is growing and we want to continue to offer a full programme, maybe even have more walks.  So how about showing us your favourite walk? We all have one so please share yours with others!  It’s fun so please go for it.

Responsibility for producing the Walks Programme lies with our Walks Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our Walks Administrator, so please contact them to find out more about how to become a leader.  

Our Walks Programme

You are probably familiar with the programme we offer. Circular walks are usually held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Generally the walks are either long - around 10-12 miles, entailing bringing a picnic lunch - or short - around 5-6 miles. On Wednesdays we have short walks and at weekends we have both, with the days for these long and short walks alternating each weekend. However there may be variations of format. We are in need of more volunteers to lead these.

Additionally we have short Ambles; the leaders for these volunteer on a regular basis but please let Nigel know if you want to join those who lead them. Also we have Linear walks organised by Nick and Bryan; these are run differently and do not rely on a conventional leader.

If you want to lead a one off walk on any other day please do so. You might want to lead another five or six mile walk on another day. How about an eight mile walk or a brisk walk with an average speed of three miles an hour. Do you fancy going that extra mile and holding a fifteen mile walk. Just pick a walk and go for it, we are open to new ideas for walks.
The option for a pub meal at the end of the walk is always very popular.

Find a Walk

So you are now ready to pick out a walk. To help with this we have some links here showing examples of walks in Surrey Kent and Sussex.   
Pick your walk and then walk it out so you familiarise yourself with the route and you are comfortable with it. You will probably start with a walk that you know well. However we do advise that you check it out; fallen trees, limited access, broken stiles can be bad news! Does the car park have enough space for our group and others?
If you are apprehensive about leading a walk why not buddy-up with an established leader for your first go.

Booking your Walk

As a first time leader the next step is to contact the Walks Co-ordinator/Administrator to help you gain access to the Walks Leaders section on the website so you can sign up. They can also email you a helpful document advising how you can use the walk planner which is called “Using the walks Planner”.

Walks Planner

Of course the programme needs to be decided well in advance of the actual dates. We have an online planner showing all the regular dates for the next quarter. Leaders book their slots and input walk details e.g. the date, the length of the walk, car park coordinates, about your walk and telephone number. If you want to lead an extra walk on a different date please contact Nigel.

Under the Leaders section we have a Car Park Map and another document advising you how to use the car park map called “Using the Car Parks Map.”  
When the Walk Programme closes you will be emailed a request to check your details on the programme before it goes live.

The day of your walk

Our walks usually start at 10:00am but we ask walkers to arrive by 9.45. Therefore you should arrive before then.

Please welcome all and record their names. There is a suitable form called “Walks Register” which can be found under the Leaders Section and printed out.  
It is really important to welcome non-members who might be interested in joining; ask them to write down their email address, which should be sent after the walk to the Membership Secretary. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You might find you have members joining you from other local groups, make them welcome too.

Also under the Leaders Section is a check list, you might want to print a copy of this as it will remind you what to mention before you set off on your walk. A brief description of the walk, hazards such as busy roads etc. Let them know they are walking at their own risk.  Appoint a back marker if there are enough on the walk to warrant this.  
After the walk congratulate yourself and email our Walks Co-ordinator with walk numbers.

Leader Training Courses

We encourage all potential leaders to attend a 1 day training course. This covers the various things a leader needs to consider when preparing to lead a group walk; also the use of Ordnance Survey maps, including how to take a grid reference and the simple use of a compass. In the afternoon it is held outdoors so all that you have learnt you can put into practice. These training courses are held regularly at Surrey Area level. Put a feather in your cap and attend a course.  You will be learning something new and gaining a skill at the same time. If you want to attend a course please contact our Walks Co-ordinator to find out future dates.   

If there is sufficient demand, it should be possible to run a course locally for East Surrey Walkers members.  If you are interested please let our Walks Co-ordinator know.