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Church Stretton - May 2018

Church Stretton HF Holiday - Shropshire - May 2018


This holiday is now fully booked.

This is a 7 night break from 11th May to the 18th May as a self-guided holiday at a cost of £595 per person including bed, breakfast, evening meal and picnic lunch.

The group would qualify for a free room for every 15 people in the party; this will be reflected in a refund after final payments have been made

This is a lovely area with excellent walking routes. As with the recent holidays before, we would plan to offer an easier and a harder walk for at least 5 of the days.

We expect that this will be yet another very enjoyable ESW Group holiday! Keith Towers one of our members talks fondly of the area and describes what great views and walking country it is

The Hills around Church Stretton are covered in footpaths, which make it a fabulous area to base a walking holiday. The views from the Long Mynd, which runs up the Western side of the valley can be as good as much of the Lake District, but without the lakes. The hills on the Eastern side also provide some spectacular views and great walking, particularly Caer Caradoc, which is the site of an old fort. The ramparts are quite amazing considering their age, which is about 3,500 years old. I believe this is the most southerly extent of the glaciation in the ice ages, which is very apparent from the shapes of the hills, particularly The Lawley, which is just to the North of Caer Caradoc. The walk from the North of the Lawley is a very gradual ascent, and shows exactly what glaciers can do to the landscape. This was always one of my favourite walks. Should we be lucky to have clear days the views from the hills can be as far as Cheshire to the North, Snowdonia to the West and Birmingham to the East. I have spent many days walking the hills around Church Stretton, and although it was many years ago it has made a very lasting impression on me. I just can’t wait to go back.