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Report on Group Holiday to Turkey 2015

Q1 Where did the original Santa Claus have his Parish Church?

Q2 Where do flames continuously burn on rocks both night and day without any fuel?

These were just a couple of the unexpected sites seen during East Surrey Walkers trip to the Lycian Way near Antalya, Turkey. 
Twenty three members spent eight nights at the Ottoman Palace Hotel in Adrasan hosted by John and Sue from Wigan UK. They have dual Brit/Turk citizenship in order to run their  independent twelve room hotel on the Lycian Way, offering walking holidays in the stunning hills and  mountains along the coast. 

There were long and short walks available daily. Transport to and from the designated route was provided by our hosts. The terrain was rugged and sometimes challenging. The bays were beautiful, enticing some walkers to take a cooling swim. 
The most memorable expedition was "enjoyed" by the short walkers on the penultimate day. In order to reduce the walking distance and avoid the steep climb up a nearby mountain, an agricultural cart had been arranged to take thirteen adventurers to the top of the mountain along a steep forest track. Unknown to the tractor driver, a landslide blocked the route, so they had to turn back and climb an alternative track. This detour took ninety minutes of very intimate contact in a rugged bouncy cart with no grab handles. The cart was precariously attached to the tractor by just one pin. Those of nervous disposition choose not to look over the back or side of the cart where the land fell rapidly away. Eventually everybody arrived at the top somewhat bruised and thirsty. The walk down the mountain was comparatively easy and everybody had a different story to tell about this cart journey. Why not ask somebody during your next walk? 

Answer to question 1: St Nicholas Church, Demre, Turkey

Answer to question 2: Flames of Chimaera as a result of natural methane gas being released from the rocks.

Photos by Noel, Arthur and Toni

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